Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Once again, I have no picture of my food waste, but this week was a bit better than last week. My daughter finally cut two of her canines and two of her molars (although not completely), so she's eating much better. I blame this week's food waste on my husband. There was a leftover pear that J decided she didn't like anymore, so I asked my husband to eat it (I hate pears). He didn't.

Also, I had made some grinder rolls, of which we only used two and I decided to freeze the rest so they wouldn't get moldy. My husband said he would use them for lunches. He did, but only one and a half of them before they became fuzzy. *Sigh.* So, our casualties were a pear and one and a half grinder rolls. It's an improvement. :)

How did you do this week? Head over to The Frugal Girl and see how other people are doing on their food waste.


  1. Suggestions. The pear (if it has been chewed on cut away the chewed parts) slice up and freeze for use in a smoothie.
    The rolls, separate and freeze on a baking sheet. Once frozen bag or store. Then if soemone wants one you can pull it out and it will be ready to go by lunch.

    Good job. I have a bunch of soaked oatmeal to throw away, I just don't care for my oatmeal without raisins or cranberries and after I made it DH ate the entire bag of raisins and didn't even tell me :)

  2. Great job! It is amazing how much I rely on my husband to finish off the leftovers.

    You can use leftover pears to make pear sauce. My little guy like berry-pear sauce.

  3. Beth...just wanted to let you know I put a new link up on my blog that brings you to a "green" website related to Faith Lifts, a christian website chock full of awesome stuff. The green link is all about "going green"..thought you'd be interested. the 5 minutes for faith is a devos site and I have that link up as well. it's a great site!
    This week we wasted 1/4 jar of salsa we had forgotten about in the fridge...fuzzy! we've been doing fairly well...i have been adding leftover veggies to a baggie and freezing them for adding to soups and chilis for another time. it is working!!!!

  4. Update - I ate more of the soaked oatmeal today, and will finish it off tomorrow so I don't have to trash it :)!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies!

    Tree Huggin Momma - You put me to shame this week! Keep up the good work! I did freeze most of the rolls, but kept out enough for my husband to use for lunches. I'll know better next time. ;)
    Alea - I never thought of pear sauce. My daughter can't eat much, but she can eat pears. I'll have to try that sometime. Thanks!
    Faith - Oooh, I'll have to check out that link. Sounds great!