Friday, March 5, 2010

Food Waste Friday

In my last post, I mentioned that I participate in Food Waste Fridays with some other bloggers over at The Frugal Girl. This is my first time dedicating a post to it. I would be ashamed if I had a picture of the food we wasted this week. The only thing that I actually wasted this week was a red pepper that looked perfectly fine from the outside, but when I cut it open it was moldy. Bummer!

My darling daughter is going through this phase where she's bored with the things she normally eats (who can blame her? The poor thing can only eat like 10 things.), so she spits out food or flat out rejects it. I try to salvage everything I can by putting food she hasn't touched into containers and saving it for another time.

I had a tupperware full of almond butter "cookies" of my experiments to get her to eat some protein in a different form. J loved them at first, but started rejecting them after about a week. By the time I thought to freeze them, they had grow a lovely green fuzz. Sigh. This tummy of hers is getting so frustrating. She can eat very few things and if I try anything new, it inevitably causes her trouble. Anyone have any creative recipes without dairy, soy, cruciferous veggies, beans, or any green veggies...I think that covers it? Right...did I mention she can eat hardly anything????

Other than the pepper and cookies, we had to throw away scraps that J had put her little hands all over, and some eggs that I tried to get her to eat for an hour (I was a little uncomfortable putting it back in the fridge after that amount of time). So much for my "no food waste" weeks. I knew it had to come to an end sometime.


  1. Beth, I'm not sure if the food wasted by little ones counts as waste....they are still learning how to eat and they don't understand that not eating what you've made is wasting it. Don't be too hard on yourself, my friend. You're doing a good job!

  2. I'm with Elena--not sure if that counts as waste. (Okay, maybe the almond butter "cookies" you didn't freeze in time, but not the eggs or anything like that). I generally don't count food waste of my daughter's. She's 9 months old and she ends up throwing every other half-eaten animal cracker on the floor. I don't consider it waste because she's learning how to eat.

  3. Consider with your little one, only giving her very small bits, and if she wants more you can get more out. But at any rate, don't stress over it, I say it doesn't count, and in the Food Waste Reduction Challenge I just finished participating in, kids scraps didn't count.

  4. Point taken, I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I still hate to see the food go to waste. :)