Thursday, March 11, 2010

Attention Groton area coupon clippers

Okay, I already posted something today, but I just got back from Walgreen's and this was too good not to share! I have become a coupon clipper lately and this is the deal I scored today:

WG's has a deal where if you buy a box of Gillette razor cartridges, you get Gillette shave gel free. They also have a buy 1, get one 50% off of Gillette deodorant and body wash.
So, I bought a box of 4 cartridges, got a shave gel free. Then I bought a Gillette body wash and got 50% off a deodorant.

Here's the sweet part: there was a coupon in last Sunday's paper for a free Gillette razor with the purchase of cartridges. Also, there was a coupon a couple of weeks ago for a free body wash with the purchase of a shave gel. In addition to that, there was a coupon for $4 off 2 Gillette deodorants or body wash. Use them ALL! So, just to review, I got:

A box of 4 razor cartridges
Gillette shave gel
Gillette Fusion razor
Gillette body wash
Gillette deodorant

Go ahead, make fun of me, but I just got all that stuff as well as 2 Coffeemate creamers and 2 packages of Orbit gum for $6 (I also had $10 Register Rewards). I would say it's worth the coupon clipping! :)


  1. The very one!! How long did you live there before you moved? We have been in this area for about 5 1/2 years. I actually was born in upstate NY, 1 hour west of Albany (I see you're in Western NY).

  2. Beth - I was born in Groton (while my father was stationed there NAVY) and I was about 3 months old when we moved to New York State (outside of Oswego), then around age 11 we moved to the Rochester area. Funny how small our world is. When I have to do things that require me to list my place of birth people always look at me funny when I sat Groton, they always say like the potatoes and I say no we are not covered in cream and cheese and that's Au Gratin :)
    I am really enjoying readding your blog.

  3. My sister in law is from Oswego. It IS funny how small the world is...I was thinking the same thing. And I too am enjoying reading your blog! :)