Monday, September 12, 2011


Hi friends!

I am not sure how many of my original followers are still following me, but I am BACK!  I am really going to make a valiant effort to be back for good.  This has been quite a year thus far.  We have dealt with a sick toddler for the entire winter, one virus after the other.  There was the car accident that my husband had, our fridge died, I had my appendix out, expensive repairs to my car that we have had two years (calipers and rotors are considered "normal wear" items, therefore not covered under warranty)...we have dug ourselves into a big hole.  Well, I guess we really haven't done it, circumstances have put us here.  Anyway, I want to get back to blogging to have another avenue to vent about things going on in life, as well as share about the new recipes I am experimenting with or revamping or creating.  Nutrition continues to be one of my passions and I want to share what I have learned with anyone who will listen.

Once again, we purchased a share at our favorite local farm for summer and fall.  I have a huge abundance of tomatoes in my fridge crying to be used in something.  I am tempted to make sauce, but it takes SO MUCH time with not much yield. I may change my mind if I can't use up most of my stash before they start getting soft. Until then, I am searching for new recipes that call for lots of tomatoes.  ;)

Here is our menu plan for the week:

Monday - Leftover zucchini tomato soup
Tuesday - More leftovers (that recipe made a TON)
Wednesday - Lentil tacos.  This will be my first time attempting these. 
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Ratatouille
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Grilled pizza. Mine will have hummus, tomato sauce, sauteed onions, peppers and greens. 

For more menu plans and to get some ideas, head over to Orgjunkie.

I started a new 12 week training program today.  This was my first day back to the gym since my surgery.  I had some stinging pain where my appendix used to be, but it wasn't too bad.  Hopefully tomorrow will be even better.  If you want to get a peek into what I'm doing, head over to this website. I will have some trouble with the menu plan because I don't eat a lot of meat (I only buy meat that I know is ethically raised, grass fed and preferably local, which makes it more expensive).  So, I just am eating really clean and my protein is coming from beans, lentils, edamame, etc.  Let me know if any of you decides to join me. Wish me luck!  :)


  1. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a dress giveaway from shabby apple if you'd like to check it out.

  2. Tomato recipes taste good, and they are good budget savers too! My mom always cooks dishes with tomatoes and the dishes also last for days because of the sauce. My favorite is Ratatouille. Yes, the same one as the movie. HAHA. :D