Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu plan Monday

Looks like another veggie filled week for us. J's second birthday was on Wednesday and I had a great big huge raw birthday cake FAIL! I didn't take pics because, honestly, that was the last thing on my mind when it didn't turn out. Let's just suffice it to say that I blended it too long and the oil started to separate from the walnuts. I ended up with an oily mess. :( I recovered by making raw brownies, but I wasted probably $15 worth of ingredients with my failure. Then I had to buy more ingredients for the raw brownies. Anyway, all that to say that we won't be having meat until the weekend. Here's our plan:

Monday - Calzones with homemade sauce
Tuesday - Ratatouille on homemade rolls
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Lentil sloppy joes (carry over from last week)
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Chicken chili
Sunday - Leftovers

Breakfasts will be the normal muffins, waffles, granola bars, and smoothies.
Lunches will be leftovers, PB&J, salads, and raw oatmeal "cookie dough" cereal.

To see others' plans for the week, check out Orgjunkie and Fit Meals Monday.


  1. The raw brownies sound good... do you have a recipe on your site?

  2. Mmmm.... lentil sloppy Joe! yummy!

  3. Interested in learning about Raw Brownies and Raw Cake.