Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Yep, I've been a blogging slacker AGAIN! I am still trying to stay offline as much as possible these days. There is a LOT going on with my tummy-troubled toddler from more doctors appointments to new diets (which equals more cooking). So, once again, my blog has been neglected. I will try to be better....really!

So, menu plan. Here it is:

Monday - I think we are headed out on a friend's boat tonight. They are ordering pizza. Pizza is a no-no for J and eating any pizza besides my own gives me a tummy ache these days. So, J and I will be bring our own calzone pockets. Hers with raw cheese and chicken; mine with greens and mozz. Yum!
Tuesday - Yellow squash with tomatoes over pasta. I have SO much yellow squash that I will be making a huge batch today and freezing what we won't be eating for dinner.
Wednesday - Falafel with tortillas and homemade tahini sauce
Thursday - Chicken and greens stir fry
Friday - Calzones. I will have to make them again because my hubby loves them and will feel left out for not having any on Monday.
Saturday - Wedding. Grandparents are sitting for J and we are headed to Sam's cousin's wedding. Should be fun.
Sunday - Appetizers...probably along the lines of quesadillas, potato skins, cheese and crackers. All that can be homemade, will be. We are having friends over for a fire, so many finger foods are in order. :)

Struggling with what to make this week? Head over to Orgjunkie or Mindful Menus for some ideas.

This week begins my endeavor to wake up before J to work out. I will be starting with three times per week this week and gradually working up to five days per week. Working out during her naps just isn't happening anymore. I have to cook while she's napping since she's getting more and more mischievous. She's almost two, what do you expect, right? ;) So, I am mentioning this for a way to keep myself more accountable. I've done it before and I know I can do it again. Three weeks to establish a habit? So, this is week one! :)

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